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How time behaves like a spacial dimension.

Time takes stationary (imaginary) objects and puts them in motion. What happens when the length of a line is put into motion (nonparallel to its own vector)? We get a plane! It is the singularity itself, the only true zero dimension, which, when put into motion, gives us the line. (Therein lies the device for the creation of the universe.) So, where in the universe do we have planes or lines in motion? Planes floating about in space. That’s ridiculous. Or is it? Remember, a plane, or even a line for that matter has no solid substance – you can’t detect it, it isn’t made of matter. Think. We refer to lines in motion all the time. We call them waves. This is the phenomenon of D2 – wave phenomena. No solid form but some kind of plasma, which we call electromagnetism, behaving consistently according to our description of waves, with frequency and amplitude. Or, if you prefer, there is a particle associated with the second dimension: the photon. Time plus one spacial dimension.

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